Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Missionary Conference

I am half way through the summer missionary conference in Kenosha WI.  It is the annual gathering of missionaries of the ELCA that are about to go out, home on leave, or returning back from service.  We had a meeting of all of us serving or going to serve in the Asia/Pacific region.  Most of the others are serving in prosperous, urban, non-Christian settings such as Japan or Singapore.  That is quite a contrast to my rural, Christian setting in PNG.  I am still burned out from cities since living in the NYC area , so I am happy with my assignment.

I had lunch with Kevin, a missionary that used to serve in PNG.  He mentioned how one needs to get into a slower rhythm of life.  He would spend time everyday sitting on his porch savoring his view over the Pacific Ocean.  He also reiterated what a beautiful area I am gong to.

Friday I will be back in Milwaukee and working on all the details of getting ready.  A top priority needs to be visiting a travel clinic for my shots.

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  1. It sounds heavenly Ann! What an amazing experience. Can't wait for updates from PNG.