Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sorting, sorting, sorting

I have not gotten a departure date yet.  The closest estimate I have gotten is the end of August.  It is nice to have some time, but I am the type of person who does better with deadlines, so I am having trouble with staying on track some days.  I am still working to sort, sort, sort.  I realize that there are boxes that I have been moving without sorting for the last 4 moves.  I don't want to put the same boxes in storage here in Jim's house for two more years.  So far I have sorted my kitchen, books, and most of my clothes.  The number of unsorted boxes and drawers has gone down dramatically.  However, I still have the dreaded "miscellaneous" boxes left to work on. 

I did make the visit to the travel clinic and got 3 different shots.  Consequently my shoulder was sore for several days. We also decided on what malaria preventative medication I should try.  Malaria is a growing problem in Papua New Guinea (PNG). I have also been to several dental appointments, including a root canal.  What a relief to finally have dental insurance again!  I am definitely hoping to avoid dental emergencies while in PNG. I also have a new pair of glasses on order.  My current glasses will become my backup glasses, and my backup glasses will become my backups to  my backups (for those that don't know me I am quite nearsighted).

I have also been doing some shopping.  I have been wearing pants and tops for the last 9 years.  However, in PNG I am expected to wear either dresses or skirts that go halfway down my calf.  Since I own quite a few tops I am trying to find cotton skirts. My sister Beth went shopping with me last weekend.  We went to a large Lane Bryant store but all the skirts were up around my knees.  I did have success with one skirt at Wall-Mart.  At text study on Tuesday I learned that the big outlet mall in  Kenosha WI has several stores that might be helpful.  On Saturday Jim and I plan to make a trip down to do shopping.  There is a Black & Decker outlet that he can check out.  Who knows what we will come back with!

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