Monday, July 9, 2012

Training in Toronto

I have just finished my first day of training in Toronto.  It is officially the "Canadian Churches' Forum for Global Ministries Mission Orientation Conference".  While it is in Canada, only one Canadian is attending. There are also 35 of us Americans.  We are rounded out by one German and one South African.  Today was somewhat boring as they talked about Intercultural skills in a more theoretical way.  However, the schedule shows some interesting days ahead.  For example, on Sunday I will be attending a Chinese language church. Then on Monday I get to visit an Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

The creature comforts are nice.  We are staying in housing at St. Micheal's college at the University of Toronto.  The rooms have A/C and nice beds.  Many of the buildings are Gothic style with lovely architectural detail.  The dining room we eat at for Breakfast and Lunch make us think of Hogwarts.  However, we are missing the floating candles :-)Well, to bed.

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  1. Dear Ann, I am so excited for you! I am thrilled that you are now Rev. Ann, and that you are going on this amazing adventure overseas. I know the people there will be blessed to have you with them. I hope you keep blogging -- I've been off Facebook a long time, so this is a better way for me to check in on you.

    My world is much less adventuresome, but I am happy with my choices.
    Love, Sandie