Friday, April 15, 2016

I can see clerly now

Wanted to share the news that my cataract surgery went very well back in February.  I now need glasses only for reading.  My distance vision is clearer than it has been for years. Since cataract surgery is not common in PNG people are quite impressed.  One faculty member mentioned that I am like Bartemeus (healed in the Gospel of Mark).  He was joking, but it does show how it all impressed him.

Being in Brisbane AUS for three weeks (including some dental work) highlighted for me again the difference between a first world and third world country.  I did appreciate having reliable transportation (great bus system), consistent electricity and thus running water.  I also appreciated the variety of food and restaurants available.  I think about all the troubles of daily life that people here in PNG have to put up with. It can be frustrating to watch. I wish I could wave a magic wand and eliminate corruption and all the other issues here. However, I am thankful that God has lead me here to do what I can.  We always have to trust that God is control of things, not us.

It was also interesting to be in a majority white culture again.  In PNG I literally stand out from the crowd.  It is sometimes uncomfortable, but can also bring privileges.  For example my bags are never checked by the security guards at the doors in stores.  This was a good reminder of some of the changes I will experience when I am back in the U.S.  

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