Thursday, June 16, 2016

The final week at Senior Flierl Seminary

     I find it hard to believe, but I am in my last week at Senior Flierl Seminary.  I leave exactly one week from today. I am taking this week off teaching to try to finish things up.  Being a disorganized person this is hard.
    I have sorted most of  house, some of which I had never sorted when I moved in.  These houses come with a lot of things (cargo as it is called here).  This is nice as it means you do not have to bring a lot of things with you.  My board encouraged me to bring only the suitcase allowance brought on the airline. However, every time I have gone home I have brought extra back with me. Fortunately most of these were books, which I am leaving behind.  I have already had a book sale and am donating the rest to the library.  People have bought a few of my items, such as my ice chests (for bringing frozen food from Lae) and spare bag or suitcases.  People have inquired after my solar lamps, computer and telephone.  However, I am not selling them.  I am giving the lamps as gifts and taking the phone and computer back with me.

    One task which I have finished is handing over the bookstore.  I had been running it rather informally, so have had to get things organized. I am proud of the work I have done there, helping the students get books they will need through out their careers.  Books are so hard to get in PNG!  I am very happy that Elvie Huevos, from the Philippines is taking over from me.

    An area that I am focusing on now is getting the library cleaned up.  We started an inventory back in January that still needs to be finalized.  I also have donated many books which need to be cataloged and put on the shelves.  Again, Elvie Huevos is taking over until they find another person.  I am relying on her to work on finishing up the backlog.

    Another thing I have let go is being the English teacher.  Being the only native English speaker I have been the "expert".  Fortunately one of the new teachers has experience teaching English.  I have turned over my books and files to him.  I have also given him the copies of "The Lutheran" (both US and Australian issues) which I had let the students use for outside reading.

   My next blog will be about saying "Farewell" in PNG.  It is not something that is done lightly here.


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