Thursday, April 14, 2016

2016 school year

Well, we have finished the first term of the 2016 school year.  We are in the midst of a one week break and then will have another 10 week term and then semester break.

There are fewer students on campus this year.  The new first year class has only 10 students in it, while the class out on vicarage (internship) has 21 students in it.  However, this has not meant fewer children on campus.  The first year students have to leave their families at home, The year two class, who brought their families to campus this term, has lots of children.  It is not especially large class, 19 students, but has few single men and families with up to 5 children.  Considering how small the houses are, some people must be sleeping wall to wall.

This tradition of  the men coming alone for the first year may be changed.  It is supposed to have the advantage of giving the men more time to focus on schoolwork.  The families were able to stay with his family (most often) who would look after them.  However, times are changing and this is more difficult for some families.  Also, the drought in the highlands last year meant that many families were living in an area that had shortages of food.  This was then quite a worry for the men who were here and couldn't afford to go home and help.  The second reason for the men coming alone is a shortage of family houses versus dorm space.  However, we need to look at what is best for the families.

Another big change coming up is a change in curriculum.  The national curriculum passed at the National Synod said that we would have to switch to English only - perhaps as early as next year.  It is still playing out as to how quickly the change will really come.  Since I am leaving at the end of this term I am not part of the discussion.  It is hard sometimes to step aside on issues I feel strongly about, but the solution has to come from those who are staying.  Fortunately our new faculty members have good English, one having taught at the English language seminary.

The next term will be busy.  I am glad I have only 5 credits to teach.  There are a lot of things I still need to clean up in the library as well as train my replacement.  There are a lot of things I know, but have not written down.  I also need to hand over te bookstore.  Fortunately that is better documented.

Okay, time to sign out and makes my class outline for the coming term.

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