Thursday, September 20, 2012

Yes, I am going soon

I have finally received a departure date - Sunday September 30.  My work visa is supposed to be avaiable by September 26 so it looks like a go.  Thanks to the International Date Line I will arrive in the city of Lae on October 2.  Then on the 5th I will go to the annual missionary gathering.  I am not sure how clear-headed I will be, but it will be a great chance to meet people.

I am so relieved that I have a date now.  I was starting to feel like I was stuck in a time-loop like in the movie Groundhog Day.  It seemed that I was always going to be leaving soon, but never really leave.

I did have one bright spot earlier this month.  I went out to Washington State to visit my family.  I stayed with Bob (my brother) and Byrna (my sister-in-law).  They were great hosts, taking me out on a nature hike and to the Western Washington Fair.  They also helped me finish my shopping.  I now have a nice camera, a Gore-Tex rain jacket and a wide brimmed sun hat.  Bob, who has taught photography also helped me get oriented to my camera.  I also spent time visiting with my nieces and nephews that live in the area.  A highlight was meeting Erin Ruth, my 6 week old great-niece.

Another important part of my trip was visiting my elderly father in Pullman WA.  I was able to spend a few days with him, even taking him to fitting on his new hearing aids.It was a difficult good-bye, knowing that he might not be alive in two years when I come back to visit.  Thankfully, we both believe that we will be together in eternal life after we leave this life.  I am also glad that my brother Bob and sister Beth will continue to watch over him.  Dad and I were talking about how different it was my mother went to China as a missionary's child in 1920.  It took months for the family to travel there, and months for letters to get back and forth. I am so glad that I will have a telephone and email to keep in touch with everyone.

So, time to get going on the last steps of being ready.  There has been quite a few things that needed to be done close to leaving, I guess that time is now.


  1. Godspeed Ann! I will be eagerly awaiting your posts (with photos!) from PNG. Thanks for the opportunity to experience this with you.

  2. I will greet your dad when I see him at BP, Ann! We will always have YOU to visit about! Godspeed..