Wednesday, October 10, 2012

First 10 days in PNG

Hello all,

It has been a blessing to finally make it to PNG.  My five flights were long and boring, but fortunately uneventful.  I had some problems with my ticket being printed out in Port Moresby, but Reinhold, a missionary liaison helped me through and onto the next flight.

My first few days were a blur of jet lag and doing paperwork.  Rod Norby and Nancy Anderson, the other ELCA missionaries had me at their house and lead me around.  Then we drove up to Madang for the annual family retreat for Lutheran missionaries.  It was a lovely time, though I am still confused as to who some of the people were.  The majority of missionaries speak German, but they were kind enough to use English as the default language.  The children's worship was in Tok Pisin, the pidgin language frequently used here in PNG (often referred to as Pigin)..  I am starting to work on Tok Pisin as that is the language I will be teaching in.  I flew to Finchhafen with other missionaries.  My first landing on a grass air strip were eventful, thankfully.

I have been here at Senior Flierl Seminary for 3 days now. The welcome was wonderful, with a "singsing" that included a song of welcome and a flower decorated house.  The locals have been very gracious and try to help me learn Pigin.  I have been attending chapel and teacher meetings.  This morning I also attended an introductory bible class for the wives.  I am starting to understand some of the conversation, but can't say much yet.  Tonight I will be attending a special worship service.  I am not sure what it's focus will be, but I am sure it will be filled with spirit filled singing.  The women all sit on the right hand side of the church, while the men sit on the left.

I have some wonderful pictures, but do not have a good enough internet connection to upload them yet.

"Thanks for all your prayers.

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  1. So amazed by you! What an adventure. Can't wait for the photos!