Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Big Differences with My Life in the US

Now that I have been back in the US for close to a month, I want to reflect on some big differences between the life in the US and life in PNG.  Here in the US...

1)  I am part of the majority not minority ethnic group.  In PNG I really stood out as a white person, here in Wisconsin most everyone else is white.  There is certainly more anonymity which can be a relief, but I miss some of the white privilege that went with it.

2) I am middle aged, not elderly.  The lower life expectancy in PNG makes quite a difference.

3) I am middle class, not rich. I was glad to have enough money to help the students, but I learned what a responsibility it is.  It has been rare in my past life for people to bother to try to swindle me, a different story in PNG.

4) I am surrounded by consumerism.  There was a refreshing lack of advertising in my daily life at Logaweng.  Without TV, radio, or newspapers, internet was the only way I was bombarded with ads.

5) I see lots of cars and few pedestrians.  When the whole campus has only two vehicles you do adapt.  It seems strange to be in the downtown area and see so few people on the streets.

I have been visiting family and now am getting serious in job hunting. I am looking for a parish position.  This will be my first since graduating.  Prayers would be appreciated.


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