Friday, October 23, 2015

Return of sunshine.

Letus showing off his new walking abilities

Students giving a welcome singsing

      After months of rain, we were all relieved when the sunshine returned on Tuesday.  The rainy season seems finally to be gone.  It is usually over by the end of September so people were getting concerned. It was a bit like being on Noah's ark after 39 days Now the food will grow faster and other work, like cutting the new gardens, can be done. Ground is used on a rotating basis, so a new garden is started for food for next year  The students that are leaving plant a garden so the new or returning students will have something to eat when they arrive.
     Ironically, other parts of PNG have been having a drought  One of the other schools, Amron Evangelist Training Center had to send their students home.  Not only did they have no crops growing, they were having to buy water to drink.  Fortunately it has started raining again in some parts of the Highlands. 

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