Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Rainy Season

The rainy season has arrived!  There is a big change in the weather.  It is cooler,though not cold by Wisconsin standards.   I do enjoy using a blanket at night.    I often wear a jacket in the early mornings and evenings, but not too much during the day. I am also thankful for some waterproof, close toed shoes to negotiate the muddy paths here. The big feature of the weather is RAIN!  It often rains quite heavy for short periods of time.  However, last Saturday it did rain for 12 hours straight.  Umbrellas are an important part of  life.  Most classroom entrances have a area for you to put your umbrellas and lean them against the wall.  Outside church we stick the umbrellas in the holes in the concrete blocks that hold up the roof over the entry way.

It is interesting that there is no one uniform rainy season in PNG.  Rainy season depends on the trade winds coming in from the ocean.  These trade winds shift during the months and the rainy season comes when the trade winds come off the ocean in your area.  Being an island means there is always someplace getting a rainy season.

Another major feature is that it is overcast most of the time.  Since many people wake up at dawn, the darker sky means the dawn is less noticeable  and often people sleep longer during the rainy season.  Most people don't have clocks or alarm clocks so the sun is an important factor.  There is a bell that rings at 6 a.m. to warn the men they have 1 hour to prepare for the 7 a.m. classes.  Also, my hot water comes from a solar tank, so the amount of hot water is limited.

It is also a difficult time for growing food because there is too much rain.  The seminary will likely have to give rice to some families that don't have enough food from their garden.

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