Friday, February 28, 2014

Random Thought from the new semester

Below are some Facebook posts I made during the last month, mainly about the start of the new semester.

from January 28
Vacation is over. We have our first day of student orientation today here at Senior Flierl Seminary. Our orientation is for all students, not just new students. Today we had a good opening worship at 7:30 a.m. Now the students are registering and I am avoiding doing laundry. It is fun to see the students again. The year two students are allowed to bring their families along. So, some of the young men I thought of as bachelors last year now have wives and children with them. It is a bit dizzying.

from January 30
Orientation seems to be going well. It is a relief that all of the teachers expected have showed up to work (last year we had a no-show) and we will be starting on time. A few students have not showed up, but some are still on their way. The principal got a call from the district president in Goroka that two students got stranded when a boat did not run, but should arrive in town today. [note - it actually was two weeks before we had everyone}

Another bit of good news is that I have started receiving mail again (our post office had reopened, but there was no ship to bring the mail to our area). However, all I have received is mail sent to me in late November/ early December. It seems that earlier mail (including my birthday and Christmas boxes) is still in hiding somewhere. I hope to get to the post office soon and talk to them.

from January 31
More mail! They made another stop at the post office and came back with lots of boxes. I received both my birthday box and my Christmas box. I even received the textbooks from that I want to use on Monday.

from February 4
first day of classes went well. The new first year class has 17 students in it, fewer than we had hoped for, but a nice number. I had them for English during their first period of classes. They seemed scared but I would guess they will recover quickly.

from February 5
ah, the mysteries of shopping in another country. The local primary school has opened so I was able to ride down on the bus to do some shopping. They sell Amoxicillin over the counter (nice) and one of the choices of shampoo scents is garlic (strange). It was made in China, is fear of vampires an issue? [note - they also carry shampoo with ginger or olive oil scents].

from February 26
I just survived a 4 hour budget meeting here at Logaweng. Unfortunately there will be more discussion next Tuesday. I guess it is a necessary evil, but I can handle numbers for only short periods of time. Since there were only 10 of us at the meeting I felt I couldn't read in secret.

from February 28
Many days I feel mainly like an English Teacher, but this weekend my role as pastor is coming to the foreground. I did the Friday morning chapel (with sermon) in Tok Pisin this morning. Then on Sunday evening I will give the sermon at the English Language Lotu. So, in three days I am giving sermons in two languages on two different texts. Life is not dull.

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