Saturday, September 14, 2013

Term Break

I am enjoying a Sunday of relaxation here in Logaweng during my mid-semester break.  We are halfway through the second semester and have two weeks off.  It is called the term break as we have finished term 3 and will be starting term 4.  Some classes change with the term, but mine stay the same, 3 English classes, 1 History Class and 1 Library Class.

While the campus is quieter than usual, with many students gone, it has picked up here in the International (or "whiteskin") section where I live.  One of the German families was away on leave and another family left for a family emergency.  The family on leave as come back, as well as two volunteers arriving and a temporary station manager and his wife.  So, the neighborhood has gone from just me to there being 10 of us.  I am happy to have more neighbors around.  I enjoy having more folks to say "Hi" to, and feel safer.  I had no serious problems but had things stolen from my house several times.  While that still could happen again, I think it will be less likely with more people around.  I also have to remember to lock my doors at all times.  I believe the things were taken when I was at the back of the house and didn't hear someone opening the front door.  They scooped up things near the door, including my nice rain coat.  They also got my PNG bank card, but fortunately did not try to use it.

I had a nice start of break.  I, along with the Huevos here on campus, attended an "English speaking missionary retreat" up in the Mt. Hagen area of the country.  There ended up being 6 of us - 2 from Australia, 2 from the U.S. and 2 from the Philippines. The other American was a guest speaker - Pr. Bruce Zable - who currently works in Australia.  We held the retreat on the campus of Highlands Lutheran Seminary, the other Pigin seminary here in the country.  It was quite casual with a chance to see the countryside and go out to eat.  The low point for me was a relapse of Malaria.  It is ironic that I got sick while at Mt. Hagen, as it is too high of elevation to have Malaria.

Eight days before my bosses, Pr. Franklin Ishida and Pr. Rapheal Malpika-Padilla come to visit.  I need to get serious about cleaning between now and then.  They are coming to the country to attend the Overseas Partners Forum and are making a quick trip out here to Senior Flierl at the end.  I am sorry they can't stay longer, but am happy they are able to see a tiny bit of the country and church outside of the cities.

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