Friday, July 5, 2013

June 20 post redux

I tried to post this on June 20 before I left on vacation.  Time to try again.

A quick hello from rainy Papua New Guinea,

It is Thursday night and it is raining heavily. My brother Bob and his wife Byrna have gone to bed but I thought I would send a quick message to everyone.  I have really enjoyed Bob and Byrna visiting here.  I has been fun doing things with them.  They have also been very helpful to me - my kitchen has never been so organized and new things are planted in my little garden.  They have also jumped into the life here at the seminary.  Byrna participated in several of the special women's events, such as a sewing class.  She also toured around with one of the student's wife - helping in the garden and looking at birds together.  They both spoke to my English class about their work.  Bob also prepared a power point presentation about the internet to show at my study skills class.  When the time for class came, the power was off, so we were unable to project.  However, Bob then explained the internet to them in general terms and discussed with them some of the problems of the internet. Later, that afternoon, the power came back on so many of the students returned to their classroom to see the presentation.  Bob also helped set up a new desktop and monitor in the library.

I have now finished my first semester of teaching.  My last day of teaching was Wednesday with classes ending at noon today.  it has been both a stressful and wonderful experience.  Next semester I will be teaching three sections of English and one section of History.  It think it will be a good semester.  It is clear to me what topics I should cover.  This semester I was more unsure what should be covered, such as in the study skills course.

I leave with Bob and Byrna on vacation tomorrow morning.  We are traveling with one of the faculty members from Karkar, an island near Madang.  He is helping with arranging housing and travel as well as traveling with us much of the time.  He will also be administering  the placement test for students interested in entering the seminary from the Madang region.

OK, time for bed.

Love, Ann

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