Sunday, April 7, 2013

Malaria etc.


Thought I would give a few short updates.

I have survived my first bought with malaria.  In this area the prophylaxis medications don't work very well, so it is recommended that we just treat the disease if we get it (as well as using mosquito netting etc).  I had been feeling bad for awhile but didn't recognize what it was.  I never got the chills and fever that most people experience with Malaria.  I had more of the tiredness, headache and dry cough, which could be one of many things.  However Friday I was exhausted after teaching just one class.  I went home to take a nap and realized that something was very wrong.  I went over to my neighbor (who is a nurse) and she drove me to the hospital to get a Malaria test.  It was positive and I was feeling quite bad.  Thankfully the doctor was a friend of mine (Dr. Demaris Nife).  She took me to her house and let me use her guest room. She also got me started on medication (in short supply sometimes).  Friday afternoon I felt terrible.  However, I woke up Saturday feeling much better.  Today (Sunday) I took a nap but feel pretty good.  Thank God for modern medicines.

I am still enjoying my kitty - Peter.  He is outside most of the time, but loves to come in to spend time with me.  unfortunately that includes jumping on my keyboard when I am typing om my computer.  He is friendly with people, even the neighbor children.  I had older cats for many years and had forgotten how much fun the young ones are.

I was asked if there are interesting mammals around.  No, most of what I see are domestic animals - cats, dogs, pigs etc.  There are wild pigs in the bush around here, but I have been lucky enough to not have an encounter with one.  I have seen tree kangaroos and Cassowarys (a large bird) in an animal park but not live.  There are lots of insects around - Including some really large beetle type things.  Peter shows off he mighty hunting skills in catching them.

Ok, back to class preparations.


  1. So sorry to read about malaria. Are there lots of mosquitos there? I'm glad you have a cat that can provide entertainment.

  2. Stink about the malaria! Glad you got it treated!

    Sounds like you are having quite the adventures..